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Miscellaneous Insurance

Minimise potential losses to your company

Businesses of all types are vulnerable to variety of risks that can result in financial loss and erosion of profits. To help insulate your business and minimise any potential losses, KWI Insurance offers comprehensive financial protection against risks that you may be exposed to, but are not covered from under General Accidents Insurance.

We help protect your business property or stock against loss from burglary, including theft and robbery involving the use of violence in gaining entry to the insured premises.
Our policy provides cover against the loss of money/property resulting from the fidelity risk on the part of your employees, cashier and responsible officers.
We provide cover against the loss of money secured in a safe, in drawers inside insured premises or when in transit.
Our policy cover helps protect your business against loss from breakage of plate glass from any accident, theft or burglary.
Workmen’s compensation is complicated by the fact that it is partly governed by the Work Injury Compensation Act and also by common law. Under the Act, the injured employee does not need to prove negligence on the part of the employer. The Act also provides for indemnity in respect of medical leave wages, medical and hospital fees and compensation for permanent disability.

Important Notice: The above only serves as a general description of our products and services. For full product details and coverage, please check with your local insurance broker or a KWI Insurance authorised agent.


If you are an insurance agent or broker, we encourage you to offer KWI Insurance products and expertise to benefit your clients. We invite you to contact us to see how we can work together – call today for an informal discussion.