Mitigate the risks for vessels and cargo

The sea is full of risks. As a specialist marine insurer, KWI Insurance provides insurance protection for commercial hull, marine liability, pleasurecraft, and conventional, and specialised cargo risks.

Our knowledge of the marine and general transportation sectors and the variety of risks involved is unrivalled. We are able to meet the specific needs of our clients by offering highly tailored and very competitively priced cargo, hull and liability insurance solutions.

  • Commercial Hull Insurance
    covers physical loss and/or damage to the hull and machinery of merchant vessels operating within Far East waters.
  • Transport Operators' Liability Insurance
    covers the legal liabilities of various occupations, including freight forwarders, multimodal transport operators, NVOC, road hauliers, logistics / warehousing operators, against damage to third party property that is under their care, custody and control.
  • Ports & Terminals Insurance
    protects Port Authorities, terminal operators, container freight stations, and stevedores against liability for damage to vessels, cargoes or property belonging to customers as well as third-party property damage and liability for death or bodily injuries to third parties arising out of the insured’s operations.
  • Ship Builders' Risk Insurance
    covers physical loss and/or damage to vessels while it is under construction or conversion.
  • Ships Owners' Protection & Indemnity Insurance
    protects shipowners and managers against their risks of liabilities related to crew, cargo, seepage, pollution, wreck removal, third-party property damage, and injuries to third parties arising out of operation of their vessels.

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Important Notice: The above only serves as a general description of our products and services. For full product details and coverage, please check with your local insurance broker or a KWI Insurance authorised agent.


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